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  • Website Design & Development
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  • Iphone App Development

Who they are:

RhymeTech® is a company specialising in developing and bringing to market technologies and mobile applications for music recording artists around the world. RhymeTech understand the music and recording process so this gives the company an unparalleled understanding of the needs of, and access to, music artists.

We were approached by RhymeTech to create a memorable brand of a technology company for music artists and launch RhymePad®, a mobile application for lyricists, song writers and recording artists. Its unique features are the first of its kind on the market. This is currently available for the iPhone platform.

Web Power

RhymeTech needed a website that delivered top level information and that also gave viewers more insight into there technology solutions for music recording artists. We designed and built a content management website with a bespoke mobile website that did exactly that, bringing to life all the key messages and brand assets in one place in time for the launch.

Writing Music Lyrics on the Go

Saad Qureshi, Founder and CEO of RhymeTech is a songwriter and is very active in the studio recording his own songs. But he faced a continuing problem if he were to ever conjure up some lyrics whilst he was on the move, such as on a bus, tube or just out with friends.

He couldn't edit his lyrics in the way that he could do on a traditional notepad, where he would mark his adlibs, stabs and the effects he wanted in the song. He wanted one place where he could write, save, and edit his lyrics in the same way as he would at home or in studio, yet on the move.

We developed an iPhone app that support’s the process of developing and scripting lyrics. The app supports the process of collecting lyric thoughts, audio and tempo. The app represented a digital version of a traditional rhyme book.

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