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As a creative media performance agency, we aim to provide innovative yet simple solutions to our clients; we do this by the study of Brand Strategy, Marketing and Brand Identity.

Our project planning, organisation and execution under pressure is one of the fundamental reasons for our success. You will be assigned your own dedicated project manager, if your not sure about your project or have concerns, just ask for the 'AMIX Audit'. We can create a feasibility report on your project for you to decide on whether it is both cost effective and sustainable.

We offer the best-suited media services to promote your brand and reach their target demographics by selecting media that will bring you the best return on investment (ROI) and brand recognition.

Just like people, all companies are unique and have different needs, when you join AMIX the whole process is tailor made to meet your requirements and ensure that the targets we set are delivered.

You are not simply acquiring a service but an extension to your organisation, which caters for all your marketing needs.

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UNDERSTAND Brand loyalty is a relationship with consumers that requires respect. Consumers will often find their attitude towards media changing in sync with their lives. With in-depth research, we look into ways to connect you with your audiences. Understanding your brands value and your consumers is fundamental for a brand strategy that will work. Focus groups, reporting and a brand audits are used to understand what will bring the best ROI.

PLAN We look for strategies that will engage you with your consumers, strategic planning and content creation are at the heart for areas such as brand positioning, marketing strategies, media and digital driven solutions. Is it worth having a great website or campaign if your business does not ultimately reap increased returns? The best plans are the ones that achieve their objectives, both in the short and long term.

DEVELOP Tailor made solutions in harmony with your brands identity are developed focussing on user experience, creative and digital services. Effective & relevant plans allow us to engage in the right web development, promotional video or bespoke application that your consumers will resonate best with and add value, ultimately to bring you the returns you desire and expect. We work closely with you, assigning you a dedicated project manager.

ANALYSE Analytics and reporting as well as customer feedback are studied; we examine and demonstrate the marketing ROI and results. All the best-laid plans are subject market response, it is crucial to be re-active, adjusting campaigns and being ready for adjustments. It is important for us to know where we add value and not only explore areas where have delivered but where we can improve.

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We give direction & Focus to your Brand

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We are a Google Partner & follow best practices

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We offer a unique bespoke relationship

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We a have helped our clients turn over £150M!

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Our Strategic planning ensures we deliver

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We ensure we always add value

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